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We are a British cyber-network security centre in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We offer an eclectic array of cybersecurity partitioning and consultancy services our bespoke security services strive to raise executive awareness and reduce the attack surface of our clients corporate networks through the employment of a variety of intrusion detection/prevention tools; assisting with security policy engagement; SIEM systems; cloud based decentralisation; network segmentation; penetration testing; social engineering awareness & CISO consultancy.


We also host an inclusive collection of home national and international partnerships and subsidiaries focused on internet-telecom infrastructure development with a focus on frontier markets — empowering the management of international supply-chains for SPVs, fixed network fiberoptic architectures, IXP/POP infrastructures, SLA backhauls, fixed wireless ISPs & MVNO services as well as comprehensive operation management.


Cybersecurity Services 🔐

We are base for gentlemen security analysts and practitioners utilising a collection of network pen-test programs such as NMAPNessus session vulnerability scanners; MSFConsolePowerShell Empire exploit modules; social engineering platforms; PineappleAP & Aircrack-ng wireless suites and WireShark packet filtering paired with the use of MitM wireless intrusion equipment — all accompanied by other key exploit programs, protocols and utilities fundamental in the establishment of successful cyber-reconnaissance, network penetration, threat mitigation and attack surface reduction.

infinityPLEX Ltd. 📡 Telecoms Infrastructure

Advancing internet efficiency and empowering connectivity — we specialise in managing telecommunication SPVs empowering the development of high capacity fibreoptic networks, Wireless Internet Service Provision (WISPs), Internet Exchange (IX) infrastructures & administration for Tier-2 and Tier-3 networks. Our development projects present sustainable internet accessibility as an efficient catalyst for economic, industrial, financial, governmental and civil societal development; a solution tailored for emerging economies.


Techie One Ltd. ⛏️⛏️

We source a wide catalogue of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), programmed for hashing cryptographic algorithm sets SHA256, X11 & Equihash used to secure decentralised networks and control the inflation rate of public blockchain currencies.

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